It’s that time of the year.


We’ve been waiting for this with crossed fingers and high hopes.


From water cooler talks to zoom chats, stand-up calls to board meetings, the anticipation is everywhere and everybody is asking the same question.


Will I get a raise? If yes, then by how much?


We know, this remote work has been a little harsh on you. You put in extra hours and absorb extra pressure to enhance your team’s performance. You definitely deserve a raise for that.


But if you want something that can guarantee you a pay raise and boost your career growth, then this article is meant for you.


Certified Scrum Masters earn a whopping 40% more than their uncertified peers and it takes only two days to become a CSM. In addition to that, Scrum Master also made Glassdoor’s list of 50 best jobs in the US in 2020, meaning more career options and faster growth opportunities.


Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) Salary 2022


As more and more companies adopt agile methodologies, the demand for scrum masters is rising rapidly. Organizations across the globe are offering lucrative packages to scrum masters who can lead their teams through agile projects.


However, various factors like experience, location, industry, and certifications influence the annual pay. To get a comprehensive idea, let us imagine a profile of a candidate who has just finished his CSM certification.


Note:- This is only a typical profile, not ideal. In no way the above table indicate that candidates from non-IT backgrounds cannot pursue scrum master roles or earn less. In heavily regulated industries like healthcare, the compensations are even higher.



Average Salary of Scrum Masters based on Experience


According to a survey by Age of Product, the average salary of a scrum master with an entry-level certification and no previous agile experience is $85,000 with an error margin of $8000. As you gain more experience, annual compensation also keeps increasing.


Years of Experience Annual Salary
0-1 $85,000- $ 91,000
2-4 $91,000- $ 110,000
5-9 $112,000- $125,000
10-19 $125,000- $140,000
20+ $ 140,000+


Country-wise Scrum Master Salaries


Like with any other job role, product, or service, the location of the organization is also an important factor while calculating scrum master compensation. It may further vary depending on which state the organization is located.


Country Currency Annual Salary
United States of America USD 112,925
Canada CAD 93,113
India INR ₹ 15,72,345
United Kingdom GBP £ 53,542
Australia AUD 135,866
Europe Euro € 63,228 – 96,521

Salary based on Certifications


As you continue the scrum journey, Scrum Alliance provides more certifications to keep you updated and upskilled. CSM is an entry-level certification which is valid for two years. To continue further, you either have to renew your membership or opt for advanced certification. More certifications means longer experience and higher credibility, thus higher packages.


Advance Certified ScrumMaster: The A-CSM is an advanced scrum course intended for individuals with at least 1 year of scrum experience. This course will advance your foundational scrum leadership skills to match the day-to-day contextual challenges of leading a scrum team. It will also validate your experience and boost your profile in the global job market. The average salary of an ACSM is around $120,000 in the US.


Certified Scrum Professional-ScrumMaster: After working as an ACSM for at least two years, you become eligible to take the Certified Scrum Professional- ScrumMaster credential. This course will not only build upon your scrum coaching and facilitation skills, but it also inform you on critical leadership skills such as emotional intelligence, systems thinking, and lean operations for scaling scrum. The average salary of a CSP-SM is around $135,000 in the US.


Certified Scrum Trainers: Next on the scrum master growth path is the highly coveted, Certified Scrum Trainer credential certificate. After gaining commendable experience in leading scrum teams and transformations, you get to work with Scrum Alliance. Certified Scrum Trainers (CSTs) are highly revered and make an average salary of $ 150,897 according to ZipRecruiter


Certified Scrum Trainer Salary
Percentage Annual Pay Monthly Pay
Top Earners $352,000 $29,333
75th Percentile $163,000 $13,583
Average $146,867 $12,238
25th Percentile $65,000 $5,416


Future of Certified ScrumMaster – Growth rate

According to a study by the World Economic Forum, 33% of high-demand roles in product development will be Scrum-related by 2022. Moreover, the demand for Certified Scrum Masters and Scrum professionals will increase by 37.9% in this decade.


So, starting your career as a scrum master is the best thing right now for your career. Whether you are a project manager, product owner, entrepreneur, or even a non-IT professional, scrum is the most fulfilling path to high-value leadership and excellence.


Make the right move at the right time, because your career is not a GI Jane 2 joke.


All the best.