Top 5 Agile trends in 2022 – Agile Methodology & the hype around it 


There’s no doubt that agile has taken the business world by storm. In just a few short years, it’s become one of the most popular methods for developing and delivering software. And there’s no sign of it slowing down any time soon. But what’s the hype about Agile? Well, early in the new millennium, the agile method started to become more and more well-liked. Many firms, including some of the biggest in the world, now employ the agile Methodology. It continues to transform businesses all around the world and has been proven beneficial in a wide range of industries. Agile is changing the way businesses operate and deliver.


It necessitates Business Transformation, which is a major change management strategy designed to align a three-way course involving People, Process, and Technology. The transformation strategy should be closely aligned with and support the organization’s vision. Agile transformation enables organizations to build scalability and see the big picture.


Rethinking business transformation with Agile in 2022 


According to Agile Adoption Statistics 2022, 71% of companies are adopting agile in which 60% of companies experience growth in profits. It’s no secret that the business world is constantly changing and evolving. To stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to be aware of the latest trends in your industry. Here, we’ll discuss some of the top agile trends in 2022 that are predicted to reshape businesses in the coming years. Let’s dive right in!


  1. User-friendly tools 


It was way long back, agile tools required prior learning and technical skills however, now tools are quite easy to use and have an intuitive interface. The demand for in-company project communications has increased as technology becomes more prevalent. With improved automated tools like Atlassian, JIRA and Trello, entrepreneurs can communicate better with their teams. Back when people only had a choice between download, play and custom settings, companies are now expanding their offerings and providing more input on what their consumers want. Tools that are trying to ease the technical know-how and challenges regarding the functionalities, task backlogs and dashboard are incoming. So fasten your seat belts for more user-friendly agile tools in 2022 for an effective agile project management.


  1. Artificial Intelligence  and Machine Learning in Agile


Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are becoming more prevalent in a wide range of fields and applications, which you have undoubtedly already heard about. However, what about using AI and ML for agile project management, testing, and development? Consider how you might integrate a “smart” computer to search for trends, code anomalies, changes in team output, or deliverability analysis of plans. Consider a smart algorithm that analyses your development data to find concerns and then figures out how to forecast their frequency and impact. Apply this idea to your portfolio and programme management systems to teach computers to recognise patterns in your agile project management.


  1. The perfect match: Agile methodology and the cloud 


By combining agile and the cloud, development teams are better able to deliver valuable functionality to end users, collect instantaneous responses, and make quick changes based on their feedback. Companies that use the cloud to accelerate their release cycles, for example, can make small improvements on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. Cloud computing assists agile development teams by providing a wide range of tools for managing application development, such as sprint management, budgeting, time tracking and reporting, and customer feedback. By using cloud for agile application development, teams can create and test multiple scenarios in real-time — on an infinite number of testing and staging servers — while parallelizing development tasks and fixing bugs on releases.


  1. SAFe for better business agility 


Agile development alone is insufficient to improve overall performance, rather than just the performance of a specific team or department. Top companies in today’s digital world are those that have agility built into their business operating system. They can respond quickly, launch frequently, align their portfolios to customer and market changes, and prioritise the right work. SAFe extends agile principles and practises beyond the team to assist organisations in achieving business agility: the ability to compete and thrive in the digital age by responding quickly to market changes and emerging opportunities with innovative solutions.


  1. Agile Beyond Software 


The Agile Manifesto is a powerful resource to understand the benefits of agile. While the Agile Manifesto was written for software, the origins of Agile go much deeper. Many non-software teams are now using the manifesto in their work. Agile teams can be found in a variety of industries, ranging from heavy industries like oil and gas to the service industry. By simply changing the word ‘software’ to ‘product,’ you can see how these apply to non-software teams too.


Now, What impact do these agile trends have on your organization?

“When done correctly, agility enables a significant improvement in performance and positions you to outperform even born-agile organizations.” Adopting these trends will benefit your organization by: Creating reliable products increasing production efficiency and responding quickly to market changes ensuring continuous improvement, resulting in higher customer satisfaction Product delivery happens swiftly.  


Here’s How to get started with Agile and stay put on the trends in 2022 

It is important to stay up to date on evolving trends. Whether you are an experienced agile professional or a newbie, learning about how these trends will affect the workplace will give you advantages for career growth. With plenty of resources available, it is beneficial to take time to learn more about how agile trends are developing in order to give yourself higher rewards and success. If you’d like assistance in implementing an Agile approach in your organization or team, please contact our international team of seasoned consultants, coaches, and trainers at [email protected]